About company

Artgranit company is a factory for producing kitchen countertops made of composite stone and natural stone for over 10 years. We work with materials from renowned European, American and Eastern brands such as: Technistone, Italstone, Infinity, Lapitec, Inalco, Levantina and others.

A unique development on the market was achieved thanks to the collaboration with one of Europe's leading manufacturers of Quartz, which is a composite stone precisely suited to our production of kitchen countertops. Ideal for the manufacture of articles used indoors for home and office, as well as elements of exterior decoration. The material is characterized by durability, strength and a pleasant appearance. Artgranit stone can be of any color and shade.

Our advantages
Own production
10 years experience
5-10 year warranty
Professionalism and promptness
Superior quality
Official importer
Our partners

The people we trust and work with for a very long time

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