Privacy policy

ART-GRANIT SRL understands that your personal data is important. This Information Note explains in a simple and transparent manner what personal data we collect, record, store, use and process and how we do so. Our approach can be summarized as: the right people use the right data for the right purpose.
This Information Note applies to:

  • To all former, current, potential customers of ArtGranit who are individuals ("you").

  • Individuals who visit a website, showroom, or call the ArtGranit Call Center; persons involved in other transactions with us or our customers.

We obtain your personal data in the following ways:

  • You entrust them to us (directly, or through another person or entity acting on your behalf as a third party service provider, hereinafter referred to as "third party") during or during the relationship or when you register for the services. or our online platforms, fill out an online form, sign a contract with ArtGranit, or one of our representatives, or partners, use their products and services, contact us through one of our channels or visit our websites or when you are designated as a representative of an ING client.

  •  From other available external sources, such as online or traditional media, public or private databases (including data aggregation entities),

Personal data refers to any information that identifies or can make an individual identifiable. The processing of personal data involves any of the following activities: collection, registration, storage, use, organization, aggregation, transfer, disclosure, archiving or deletion.
The personal data we process about you includes:

  • Identification data, such as: first name, last name, date and place of birth, number, serial number, personal number code and other information included in your identification documents (such as nationality or date of issue or expiry), e-mail address mail, telephone number, home address / residence and / or correspondence, signature or tax identification code, identification code. Your identification and contact information may be used to fulfill the purposes below by reference to the business relationship associated with the role of individual and the role of representative / contact / user of an ArtGranit client legal entity;

  • Activity data such as: information on the occupation and nature of your activity, the name of the employer, the public office held and the public exposure (if any);

  • Transaction data, such as: number of transactions, list of products purchased, transaction history,

  •  Socio-demographic data, such as whether you are married or have children (if applicable);

  • Data about your online behavior and preferences, such as the IP address of your mobile device or computer, and the pages you visit on the websites and applications / platforms offered by ArtGranit (cookie analysis);

  •  Information about your interests and needs, which you provide to us, for example, when you call the ArtGranit Call Center or complete an online survey, or which we learn from your interactions with ArtGranit Group entities or facilities by them;

  • Audiovisual data (including metadata) or electronic communications, if applicable and when legally permitted, we process images captured by surveillance cameras at ArtGranit locations to ensure their security or recordings of telephone or video or chat conversations. with our customer service centers or social networks or our locations. We may use these records in order to fulfill legal obligations regarding purchases, proof of interactions, requests or contracting of products and / or services at a distance, for the purpose of fraud prevention or staff training and call quality assurance;

  •  Your interactions with ArtGranit on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube, etc. ArtGranit products expressed online (e.g. reviews).

  • Location data, related to product delivery locations;

Processing covers all operations that may be carried out in connection with personal data, such as collecting, recording, storing, adjusting, organizing, using, disclosing, transferring, archiving or deleting them in accordance with applicable laws.
We only use your personal data for legitimate business purposes and on the basis of the legal grounds for processing provided by applicable data protection legislation, such as:

  1. Execution of the contracts to which you are a party or taking steps before concluding the contracts. We use information about you when concluding a contract with an Art Granit member entity (regardless of the quality you have in such a contract) for to provide the requested services, regardless of the channel or when we need to contact you (to notify you of any changes to the terms and conditions of your contracts, the expiration of a term, the registration of an arrears or to provide you with information about your by you / your relationship with ArtGranit or how to use them). Similarly, your personal data is being processed so that we can process your requests.

  2. To send direct marketing messages, to provide personalized services and offers based on your prior consent. You may receive e-mails, SMS messages, push notifications or be contacted through other electronic communication channels for information about our products, services, campaigns or initiatives or those of our partners or other members of the Group. ArtGranit. We may also analyze information provided by you, derived from your past or present behavior, or obtained from external sources, to personalize your offers and products based on a profiling mechanism that in some cases includes a automated decision-making algorithm.

  3. If you do not wish to receive these offers or submit to this profiling activity, you have the right to object or withdraw your consent. Also with your consent, we may record phone calls initiated to or received from our customer service centers.

  4. Relationship management and marketing. We may ask you for feedback on our products and services or record your conversations with us online, by phone, or at our locations. We may share this information with certain members of our staff or third parties acting on our behalf or partners to improve our offering or to personalize your products and services to you. We may provide you with general marketing and advertising messages or information or education about ArtGranit products, services, ArtGranit Group members, or our business partners, or to conduct processing activities for the management of ArtGranit social responsibility initiatives.

  •  Providing the most appropriate products, services and marketing. We may use your data for business purposes, including processing necessary for the development and improvement of our products and / or services, customer service, customer segmentation and general profiling. We do this to establish a relationship with you and / or to maintain and extend a relationship with you and to perform statistical and scientific purposes.

  •  Improving and developing our products and services. We analyze how you use and interact with our products and services to learn more about you and where and how we can improve.

  •  Safety and security. We have a duty to protect your personal data and to prevent, detect and limit any potential breach of your data security. This includes data that we are required to collect about you, for example to verify your identity when you become customer or when using an ING product. In addition, we not only want to protect you from fraud and cybercrime, but we also have a duty to ensure the security and integrity of the ArtGranit Group.

If your personal data is processed, you enjoy the rights provided by data protection law. Under applicable law, your rights under data protection law may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If you have any questions about the rights that apply to you, please contact us at the email address listed in the table in section 10 below.
We grant the following rights:
The right to access information
You have the right to ask us to confirm the processing of your personal data and to provide you with a report of the personal data we process.
The right to rectification
If your personal information is incorrect, you have the right to ask us to rectify it. If we communicate corrected data to third parties, we will also inform those third parties accordingly.
The right to object to the processing of data
You may object to the use of your personal data by ArtGranit on the basis of legitimate interest. Such a request is considered by balancing the reasons given by you, which are the basis of the opposition (this may be, for example, an infringement of your interests as a result of the processing activity based on the legitimate interest of ArtGranit) and ArtGranit's business motives and business needs, and processing will be stopped if your business reasons prevail.
You may not object to the processing of your personal data if:

  • We are required by law to do so; or

  • This is required to perform a contract with you.

You may also object to receiving personalized business messages from us. When you become an ArtGranit customer, we can ask you if you would like to receive personalized offers. If you change your mind later, you may choose not to receive these messages again. For example, you can use the "unsubscribe" link in the footer of every business email.
The right to restrict processing
You have the right to ask us to restrict the use of your personal data if:

  • consider the information to be inaccurate;

  • we process data illegally;

  • ArtGranit no longer needs that data, but you want to keep it for use in a lawsuit;

Exercising your rights
The more specific you are in your application, the better we can help you with your question. We may ask for a copy of your ID or additional information to verify your identity or to clarify. the request made. In some cases, we may reject your request and, if permitted by law, we will notify you of the reason for the refusal. In some cases, after submitting a first response to your request, we may charge a reasonable fee for processing a subsequent request.
We want to respond to your request as soon as possible. As a general rule, requests are resolved within 30 days of receipt, unless, due to their complexity, we need more time. In this case, the response time may be extended by a further 60 days; you will be notified of the extension and we will provide you with reasons for the delay, as well as an estimated date for our response.