Marble, granite, quartz in Moldova and Chisinau

Art-Granit is a leading manufacturer of natural stone products and offers a wide range of materials. When you are choosing the right one, it must be considered that they all have different properties and are suitable for different types of finishes. Natural stone is a versatile and durable material, and thanks to modern processing methods, the most non-standard ideas can be made of stone.

Products from granite, the price of which is the most affordable in Chisinau, have high durable properties. Hardened by volcanic magma, granite is the second most durable material in the world after diamond. And the variety of patterns and colors of the material will allow you to choose the right product in any interior. Granite finish will last you more than a dozen years and will not require specialized care.

Marble in Moldova is gaining more and more popularity. Indeed, first of all, marble is associated with luxury and high cost. Products made from this material look lightly and airy, despite the real weight of this stone. In the assortment of the company, marble is presented in various colors and with a different pattern and intensity of veins.

Perhaps no stone has such a variety of textures as quartz. Having great durability, it can be used in products of various kinds: from counter tops for restaurants to facing of walls on the outside. Although, the main distinguishing characteristic of this stone is its diversity of species and colors. Quartz in Chisinau is chosen by people who are not afraid of experiments and brightness.

Art-Granit offers a variety of products of the highest quality. In a wide range of companies are represented:

If you want to see the texture of the stone in your interior, but you are stopped by the fact that it can have a low temperature and can cause an uncomfortable feeling when it is touched, then feel free to choose a composite stone, which you can also buy in Moldova from the Art-Granit company. Unlike granite, marble and other natural stones, composite stone has the ability of warming to room temperature, which is indisputable advantage of this stone. It’s feature is that the products can be made in completely different types and with various effects from one type of raw material. Also, the cost of this stone is lower than for natural materials.

Natural stone countertops in Moldova - only Art-Granit.