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Exterior finish of facade with stone in Moldova

Our home is our fortress, and to strengthen the fortress you need a reliable shield, which can be the natural stone cladding of the façade. In Chisinau, this method of protection for various building facades is the most optimal now. Natural stone is not subject to rapid wear and tear and is resistant to both mechanical and natural damages, as well as to influence of temperature extremes and fading from ultraviolet rays. Even after decades, the stone will not lose its presentable appearance, as time will add the effect of noble aging of the stone, which will give the building an element of history and a special charm.

The main use of natural stone in the exterior:

When you are choosing a stone for use as a facing material, it is necessary to consider some nuances, for example, exterior finish of facade with marble in Moldova is not possible with all types of this material. Colored and white marble cannot be used due to the inability to withstand sudden changes in temperature. Facing is carried out only with gray marble, which is durable and resistant to all types of external influences. It is worth noting that the facade elements made of natural stone, whether it is granite or quartz, can be combined naturally and harmoniously with the surrounding natural landscape and take your home out of anonymity among the typical constructions.

Thanks to various possibilities of surface treatment, natural stone can be used for completely different finishes. The processing process creates a rough and non-slip surface which makes stairs and steps made of stone the safest, in comparison with other materials. The decoration of the pool sides with stone is also safe and, due to the resistance of the stone to water, it does not collapse and does not lose its pleasant appearance.

Ebbs made of marble and granite in Chisinau are designed to remove moisture from the glass outside the building, therefore, they are also exposed to frequent exposure to water. And an indisputable argument in favor of natural stone is that ebbs from other minerals is not susceptible to mold and corrosion both on their surface and inside, unlike plastic or metal counterparts.

Furthermore, for facing of floors and walls in Moldova, natural stone is also used for decoration of personal territory: fountains, benches, paths, since all this gives the zone a complete look. For such decorative purposes, quartz products are often used. In the exterior, quartz has established itself as a reliable material, resistant to various types of influences.

Important for the house is it’s casing, or rather, a fence, the function of which is protection. Natural stone fences in Chisinau, like other products, are one of the most durable and reliable, and such a fence will organically fit into the landscape of a park or garden, emphasizing their beauty. Exterior finish with natural stone is what will protect and decorate your home for a long time.

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