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Natural stone in interior of your apartment or home

The stone in the interior of an apartment or house looks elegant and expensive. This is a beautiful and versatile finishing material with a unique and noble texture. And if you choose not only beauty, but also the reliability and durability of materials, then it is worth stopping your choice on natural stone. This material will successfully complement any interior, regardless of style, whether it is a classic or a modern solution. Stone decoration of the whole room or use of it in the form like facing of floor and walls outside – all of this is appropriate in the modern design of interior.

Using natural stone in your home as a decoration material, you give preference to it’s ecologic part and bring a bit of nature to your interior. When you are choosing a stone countertop for kitchen in Chisinau, it is worth giving preference to materials, which are resistant to alkali and acids, having a non-porous structure and not absorbing moisture. The most important thing is to choose the right material. The Art-Granit company also offers countertops for restaurants and bars in Moldova from various materials: granite, marble, quartz, ceramics, composite stone and others.

Manufacturing for order from marble, quartz, granite and composite stone:

Granite floors and bar counters in Chisinau will look great both in a house or apartment, and in the luxurious halls of restaurants. The durability of natural stone will ensure a long service life and a constant appearance for more than a dozen years. Also, marble tables will bring chic and luxury to the interior. Such a table can embody with the wildest fantasies and ideas, which will be made for order in accordance with your wishes.

Natural stone is also an ideal material for window sills, which give the window not only a complete look, but also increase its functional abilities. Stone window sills in Moldova are used quite often, since they do not fade in the sun and are not deformed. In the bathroom, natural stone can be found completely anywhere. There can be covering of floor and walls or interior items may be made from it. So, quartz countertops for bathroom have all the necessary properties: they are durable, waterproof and quite easy to assume responsibility for the maintenance.

If you are a happy owner of a fireplace that creates a special atmosphere in the house, Art-Granit offers materials for its revetment. Decorating fireplaces with natural stone is the final stage of arranging a modern fireplace. It is difficult to overestimate its importance, because not only the appearance of the fireplace, but also the duration of it’s service will depend on the literacy and quality of the covering.

The decoration of any interior will be a magnificent staircase. Ceramic steps will allow you to forget about scratches, chips and scuffs. Such stairs are rightfully considered as one of the most durable and reliable. In order to bring a piece of nature and ecologic part of it to the interior, feel free to choose quartz products from Art-Granit.

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