Marble Crema Suprema

Marble is a natural stone, a metamorphic rock and is composed of carbonate minerals in a recrystallized form - most commonly dolomite or calcite. The diversity of textures and colors of this material allows the selection of the right model for any interior.
• Tiles dimensions: 300*150 cm
• Tiles thickness: 2.0 cm, 3.0 cm
• Textures: Polished
• Applications: → Building material for interiors / exteriors (exterior cladding, marble flooring).
 → Decorating element in interior design (tables, kitchen and bathroom countertops, sculptures, decorations).
• Advantages: → Impeccable aesthetics. Equipped with a low refractive index, it means that light beams can penetrate the structure of the stone, giving it a particular brightness. Thus, the environments in which it is mounted seem to be constantly shrouded in an almost unreal glow. But the details that accentuate its beauty and increase its value are represented by the delicacy of the colors and the diversity of the ribs, unique characteristics, which rank it in the top of the preferences regarding the arrangement of any type of surface.
→ Resistance and durability. Marble is a material with increased resistance to environmental factors, wear, mechanical impact, UV rays and moisture. Wth careful use, marble keeps its structure for any length of time.

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h1 Marble natural stone, marble tiles
Surface resistance 6
Porosity Porous
Natural fractures and cracks Exist
Melting point 1215 – 1260 °C
Combination Invisible
Dimensions of the plate 1800*1550; 2700*1400; 3000*1600
Available thicknesses, mm 20; 30
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