Edge processing

Art-Granit offers its customers processing services for the products in which they have invested (countertops, steps, window sills, plinths).

MSL processing (with bevel)  – is a type of processing that is performed along the entire length of an edge and half its width, at an angle of about 45 degrees. 
Double MSL processing (double bevel)  – differs from MSL processing in that the edge of the part will withstand interventions in two stages, each time a cutting at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. 
Cane processing  Cane processing is performed when a round (convex) or almost round shape is desired for the edges of a part. 
Semi-cane processing – is performed when you want to obtain a semi-round shape (partially convex) for the edges of a piece. The operation is based on a technique applied in the case of rod processing, in this case being a single cutting of the edge at 45 degrees, along its entire length and half of its width, and its subsequent rounding.
Drip processing  Drip processing consists of making a ditch on the bottom of the parts, the surfaces of which come into contact with water droplets. 
Linear cutting  – Art-Granit performs professional cutting, with the help of the equipment used for cutting: discs, water jet.
Cutting to 45 degrees Cutting at 45 degrees is similar in many ways to linear cutting. The major difference is the inclination of the angle at which the cutting is performed and, as a logical deduction, the type of equipment or functionality used for this purpose.