Granite, stone slabs

Verde Marina
Verde Ubatuba
Siena Beige-Comer
Feratto Primera
Stoccato Primera
Olimpo Primera
Lennon Primera
Labrador Claro Primera
Rosa Porrino Primera Polished
Silvestre G.T. Primera
Gris Perla
Rosa Beta
Crema Julia
Azul Platino
Gris Salanga
G603 (Polished)
G603 (Flamed)
Splendour Blue
Santa Cecilia Classico
Coffee Brown
Paradiso Bash
Black Cosmic
Thunder Black
New Viscount White
Royal Blue
Steel Grey
Midnight fussion
Titanum Ext-A
Tan Brown
Black Galaxy
Absolute Black
G602-2 granite cladding
G602-2 paving
Paving with G602-2 granite
Steel Grey-granite cladding
Thunder Black granite paving

Sobriety and strength are the basic qualities of granite. Choosing a granite work, we invest in its durability and give a masculine and strong note to the space in which it will be integrated. The feature that impresses in the range of granite slabs available for a project is the diversity of its texture, which is often unrepeatable, especially when exclusive models are chosen.The use of granite is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces: cladding for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, stairs, terraces, pavements, and kitchen and barbeque countertops, as they are not influenced by the humidity of the space.

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